Here you can view or download our current general catalogue accessories and wear parts.

Download PDF Catalogue accessories and wear parts

The catalogue contains information about accessories and wear parts for the following products:

  • Stud welding guns PHM-12 and PHM-112
  • Stud welding guns PHM-160, PHM-161, PHM-250, GD 16, GD 19, GD 22 and GD 25
  • Stud welding guns PKM-1B, PHM-1A, PKM-101 and PHM-101
  • Stud welding guns PHM-10 and PHM-110
  • Stud welding gun PIM-1B
  • Automatic stud welding heads KHA-200F, KKA-200F, KHA-200 and KKA-200
  • Automatic stud welding guns PHA-500, PKA-500 and PHA-500-6
  • Automatic stud feeder VBZ
  • Stud welding unit DUOFIX
  • Accessories general
  • Accessories automatic general